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Top Professional opportunities in digital marketing

In today’s world of the digital transformation, nobody can escape the influence on the internet in their lives. It is predicted that virtually every business in the world including India will have an online presence by 2020, this promises a lot of career opportunities and digital marketing jobs.
I am sure there must be a question racing in your mind on what are the opportunities in digital marketing, and will there be a lot of digital marketing jobs ? Well, I can assure you by the end of this blog you will convinced that digital marketing has a lot of openings and opportunities in the coming future.Some of the glaring reason that digital marketing has great scope is every company in the world by 2020 having a digital presence online, with the growth in technology digital marketing will constantly have to redefine itself which promises a lot of scope for any individual making it a career. Other points that you should look at is that digital economy is growing 10 times faster than traditional economy, It offers a wide range of opportunities from web designing to content marketing and creation. Let us look at the major roles in digital marketing1. Digital Director or Digital Marketing Manager- As the role suggests in going to be the top job of one who over sees all digital marketing strategies of his clients , responsible for constantly being up to date and ahead of the times , devising strategies to drive more traffic. This job will need 5 to 7 years experience in various verticals of digital marketing and a degree on the subject would not hurt.2. We Developer and Web Designing- This is the work of people that you interact with on the net who design the digital experience and do the coding and encoding of the websites. A good knowledge of JavaScript, JQuery , HTML, CSS , and web programming will be required for this. As a web developer and designer which are different responsibilities but inter connected will be to do the coding, encoding and keeping the website up to date and user friendly.3. Social Media execute and Social Media Manager- This promises to be a very exciting job by working on social media although it won’t be just about tweeting and making comments but identifying trends and making social media strategies with the various social media platforms. Familiarity with social media tools will really help here and having an aptitude for pulse of society.4. SEO Expert/Executive-The SEO professional will have a very important place as there would be no point in having a great website if it gets no visitors. His role will be to do keyword research and build SEO strategies so that it reaches maximum eyeballs. He will have to be familiar with all SEO tools and be able to make a clear successful SEO strategy knowing the principles of search criteria’s by search engines.5. PPC / SEM Expert- The ads you are targeted with are done by these professionals. They make sure your ad is in the right place and gets more targeted traffic. They have to manage PPC keywords, split and organize groups, generate reports, also provide suggestions for ad copies also its graphics. Google Adwords is very popular for this. 6. Content Marketer – This job is for the creative who enjoy creating content but it won’t be of a content writer but somebody who has to work closely with the SEO expert and position the content right for optimum traffic. He has to follow content trends and create content strategies through all digital channels.7. Data Analytics Manager- This will be and is another important role the job is to provide direction to the team of data analyst. He has to look after all the responsibility of the analytics of data from forecasting to making corrections to the digital strategy.8. CRM Manager –Works closely with all departments of the company to ensure the CRM works effectively for the whole team. Not much is available on this role but promises to be an important opening as well.9. E Mail Marketing Manager – As E mail marketing will be a key for all effective digital strategies ,this post will come into play that works out a clear Email marketing plan and strategy. Email marketing becomes very important for retention of company.10. Digital Agency Account Director – This role will be a very important role that handles the commercials of all accounts and keeps the accounts books of the different clients or accounts. He will be responsible for overall performance of the company and should ideally be somebody from accounts.11. Content Writer- This seems to be a very insignificant role but content being an important part of any digital marketing strategy will become a key role as the industry acknowledges the dictum that finally CONTENT WILL BE KING. Its role will be for all creatively inclined who like writing and understand the various roles as a content writer from writing Blogs and Articles to White papers , Digital /UX , SEO so also promises to be an exciting opening in digital marketing jobs .This should give you a rough idea of the wide variety of skill sets this industry would require suiting different skills and aptitudes. It promises to be the industry of the future growing 10 times faster than the traditional economy. As technologies change it will constantly have to readdress itself promising more opportunities as we go along. If you are considering a career in digital marketing there is no better time than now and it also promises to be growing having new opportunities every day.

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