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Develop your digital skills by learning the best practices of SEO with our Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad.

What is search engine optimization and why should you learn SEO ?

As of today, there are over 130+ million websites registered websites out there on the internet. Most of us rely on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, etc to search what we want. We get a number of websites pop up on the search engine on a single search. It is observed that 63% of the search engine users click on the top list which appears on the search list. This phenomenon is called a “Golden Triangle”. Hence it is important to optimize your website to a search engine.

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If your website appears on the top of the search list, people will click and visit your website. They are most likely to convert into your customers or subscriber. Search engine optimization is a tool that helps you to optimize your website content in a way that it will appear on top of the search engine ranking. In other words, it will create online traffic to your website. There are two approaches to create traffic to a website.

1.Paid traffic.
2. Organic traffic.

Paid traffic will generate more sales to business however, there is a high risk in this approach since it will stop immediately when your budgets exhaust. On the other hand, organic traffic is stable and consistent. To create organic traffic, you must learn SEO.

Want to learn SEO?

Join SEO course at our institute which will provide you the best Digital Marketing Training. Our the institute provides you the best SEO training in Hyderabad. Our training modules are designed in such a way you will get complete knowledge on SEO and digital marketing with real-time projects. Not only do we teach you the course but also help you find a job.

Why should you learn SEO from Meraki Digital Academy

You’ll get a deep knowledge of SEO basics and advance modules including all SEO tools, strategies, and best practices.
Get proficient with the proven SEO methods that allow you to organically generate relevant traffic for the relevant keyword for your site.
Earn badges and certificates in money at a relevant price.
Be recognized as an SEO Professional by enhancing your skill set.

What will you learn at our Digital Marketing Institute in Hyderabad?

SEO basics and advanced

Make yourself an expert by understanding how a search engine works. Everything you need to know about SEO is here.

Local SEO

Learn proven strategies to optimize local web presence and listing.

SEO Audits

Learn how to perform SEO audits and make your site error-free.

Keyword Research

Learn best practices and tricks to identify and target profitable keywords for your business.

Off Page SEO

Develop skills to build website reputation by earning quality backlinks across the web through off page optimization

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